This is What I Do

 I work between things - virtuality and the body, sex and video games, pregnancy and landscapes.


Play is the central axis around which these varying concepts orbit. Drawing from a background of competitive video gaming, my work utilizes the immersion of virtual realities, sculpture, sound, electronics, and performativity to create structures of engagement that manifest as play. Culture, community, and sex are all play. Through immersive installations, I aim to blur the boundaries between these realms. Can an interaction of play be culturally fruitful but also erotic? And how does the aid of technology alter our perception of this play? I want the viewer/participants to problem solve, collaborate, yet also feel aroused. I want the community to play with objects, with each other, and through this play they experience desires, intimacy, aggression, frustration, eroticism, and cooperation.


The work I do is always aimed at physically engaging the participants by physical touch. Whether it's touching of objects, or touching each other, I use electronics, sound, and sculptures to engage participants and allow them to immerse themselves in real/surreal experiences. Electronically, mostly everything in my installations is reactive to touch in the form of capacitive sensors – essentially objects containing the ability to measure the capacity to hold energy. This mechanism holds within it boundless possibilities of triggering senses and experiences through bodily touch. This trio of surreality, the body, and play are the central ideas explored through my engagement with viewers and the community.


I am equally interested in my own body, its corporeality, and its engagement with surreal experiences. Within virtuality conscious-ness lies in an intermediary, liminal position; a ritual of constant becoming between primal body and mind, cyborg and animal. Within this crossroads is understanding of both sides. Virtuality can be sacred, seductive, and dangerous, and this crossing is not a place, but like sex, an intersection. Through a near-total displaced immersion, virtual space becomes a breeding ground for the expression primal desires and curiosities. I see virtual interaction as a dance of constant shifts, becoming other selves. Through this other, virtuality penetrates reality, affecting the body and identity. This penetration is mutual, both insertive and receptive. I insert myself into virtuality, and I receive virtuality into me. A loving relationship, bi-gendered, and pregnant.